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Small-Group Yoga

Small-group yoga is made for you!

Small-group yoga is about individual attention and as many modifications as you need for your particular body. It's also about working hard, having fun, and learning something new, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner. All of my classes are friendly, challenging, focused, and choc full of encouragement!

*All pictures are of students who started with me
as absolute beginners. Look at them now!

How it works:

Yoga is a deep and ancient practice and even if you are "only" practicing asana (the physical poses) and pranayama there is a lot to be learned about what you are doing and how to make the practice your own. I work hard to plan every class for your maximum benefit. I am committed to helping you progress in whatever area you are working on in your practice, and my pricing structure reflects that.

Yoga is best practiced with consistency and focus, therefore the monthly commitments. I have students from all walks of life and all body types who consistently surprise and delight themselves with what they are capable of doing in a steady, regular practice. I invite you to experience the same delight!

Your first class is only $5! Sign up to drop in.

Two introductory drop-ins allowed. After that . . .

For a month of one class a week . . . $60; additional drop-ins $15
For a month of two classes a week . . . $100; additional drop-ins $10
For a month of unlimited classes . . . $160; once a month bring a friend for free!
Some work-study available.

Want to work with me and this pricing structure just doesn't work for you? Please talk to me.

SE 67th & Powell
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